Hi readers!

I hope that wherever you are, the weather is starting to warm up, like it is in SC, and you’re getting the chance to go out for some nice rides with your ponies! For me personally, this month has been SO exciting!! The Team had our last two shows of the season which is so sad, but it’s been a blast and everyone has improved so much.

At our show against Clemson on February 20th we had a really fun day bringing a few of our barns’ horses. I’ve been so looking forward to writing about the fact that I won my over fences class!! And guess the kind of horse it was on?… A WHITE ONE! And guess what else. It was a PONY!! (I always get ponies for jumping) If you keep up with my writing, in my last 2 blogs I talked about the desire to accomplish a win in my over fences as well as my luck with white horses. It was crazy to see how both those things were brought together this month!

The pony named Elaine who I rode in my over fences at Clemson.

I had that gleaming moment where I ended my course with a smile from ear to ear, because I knew that even if I didn’t win, I was so happy with how both my horse and I did. It’s been amazing to see how I, alongside my teammates, have improved over the year specifically in college riding. Not only does the win give me confidence, but it gives me a drive to do even better. One of the best parts was hearing my team cheer for me after my round. It truly reiterates the importance and specialness of the team aspect. It is not only meaningful to hear them cheering me on, but it’s also so encouraging. I’ve been so lucky to be able to be apart of this incredible group of goofy and talented girls.

Some of my teammates and me! Pictured: Sara Stuart, Hope Roberson, Rachel Keith, and Anna Kunz.

Although we had our last show of the season last weekend at College Of Charleston, the team continues to lesson weekly and we are looking forward to coming back this fall new and improved. We have a lot of exciting changes happening such as being sponsored by Under Armour, and forming our true “show team”. Luckily I will be in Greenville over the summer and hopefully riding a bunch, so I will keep you readers updated on the adventures I have!

 And last but not least, I know everyone has just been dying to see my new purple pants I promised to show last post, so here they are!! (With our new snazzy Ariat jackets ⯑ )