WOW! Did I have a crazy busy summer! I've missed contributing my monthly blogs to TCE. During this past summer you may not believe it but, I didn't get to ride at all! None, nada :(. Now, you might be thinking WHAT?How? Well, I wasn't riding because I was working as an intern at the Greenville Humane Society and staying at Furman in the summer months. My internship exposed me to more of the behind the scenes action at the humane society that I don't normally get involved in during the year. I was able to be in the clinic among the vets performing spays and neuters, which was very cool! It gave me a chance to see if I could handle the environment of being a vet. The work I do during the school year incorporates a lesson and so called "puppy time" at different community centers in Greenville! A partner and I bring a puppy and teach a range of lessons having to do with things such as pet responsibility, puppy behavior, pet overpopulation, and so much more! We have about 25 girls and 15 centers that we go to. I'm the coordinator for the program through the community service corps, Heller, at Furman! It is something I'm so passionate about and I feel so lucky to be able to do while at school. When I'm not riding, I'm usually preoccupied with some other sort of animal work!

puppy w500 h500

(Over the summer I fostered a puppy from GHS named Rosie, who was eventually adopted by my uncle!! She was the highlight of my summer.)

On another note! Many awesome changes are taking place for the team this year! We had almost 30 people at our interest meeting we held at the beginning of the year and out of those few, we got about 15 new members! This new group of talented girls is going to make for a successful year. One of our biggest changes is that we have created a "show team"! This team is made up of about 10 or so girls that will be traveling together to each show this season. We really wanted to bring a greater intensity to the table this year and think that by gathering some of our best, we can have more of a name for ourselves at shows!! Besides the show team, we have several riders new to the sport, and some that are working towards making it on the show team next year. 

 group w500 h500

(Here are some team members at Georgia Southern University!!)

Due to a minor accident about 3 weeks ago, (I'm okay!!) I can't ride because it hurts my backside too much. So, I'm sorry I don't have any cool personal riding updates :( However, I'm going to try and show at our upcoming show at Clemson on the 23th! I'm very excited to see how the show team does as a whole and to get back into the groove of showing. 


(Even though I couldn't ride, I woke up at 8 AM to watch my friends in our weekly lesson.)

I can't wait to get to know our new members and form those friendships that I am so thankful to have today. Catch me next month where I will be riding a lot more than I am right now!! ;)

Happy riding!