Grand Times Eventing

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Over the past few months, I have learned so much about me as a rider and horsewoman.  Aleta and I having been getting ready for the season – preparing physically and for me – mentally.  I always knew I got a little tight in warm up, the horses running everywhere, trying to focus and still remember what course I was about to do next, but I never  told  anyone before.  I would just continue doing what I was doing, feeling a little nervous, which Aleta could feel too.  I finally spoke up and talked about my warm up nerves, and I am so glad I did.  My trainer, Brett, and mom, immediately helped me get a plan together for show warm up rings.  I have always heard people say “warm up off property like you do at home” and “ride the horse you have that day, you never know how your horse will behave so you need to be ready for anything.”  I am trying to really focus on those pieces of advice now.  I warm up on the flat pretty consistently, but then the jumping would get me.  So now I know exactly what jumps Brett is going to have us jump, and how many times, then we will watch a few riders and head into the ring.  I am already looking forward to the next event to put my plan in action.

This summer, Brett is going to help some of us perfect some equine skills, including polo wrapping, braiding, mane pulling and more.  My unpaid braider (my mom!) said she’s quitting the braiding business this summer so I really need to get my braids tighter and faster!  I am excited to learn more this summer and get some new skills to make me a better rider, owner and horsewoman.  I want to be a working student when I grow up so I know there is so much I will need to know and I think this summer will be a good start.

Aleta and I haven’t only been working this spring, we also attended the first May War Horse Event Series and brought home the blue out of 20 maiden riders!  It really showed how all of our hard work paid off, I couldn’t stop smiling!  It was so much fun and it was one of our best events ever.  Even there though, we did figure out a little more about each other – always learning!  As you can see lots of learning and growing for Aleta and I, which I have found NEVER ends in the horse world!